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NP2 & NP2+

"The Best of Both Worlds!"

Take the classic look and size of the NP1 and add an expanded muscle cavity design and you have the best of both worlds! An iron that is workable in either direction with an expanded sweet spot.

Available in 2 different models ...
2010 U-Grooves with Gunmetal Black finish
2009 U-Grooves with Chrome finish

As with all of Nakashima's Tour Forged Irons, the NP2/NP2+ are made of the highest quality Triple Forged Carbon Steel available.

Nakashima Golf understands how vitally important it is for all golfers to be properly fit with their irons. All options need to be considered: Head Design, Loft, Lie, Off-Set, Shaft, Shaft Weight, Shaft Frequency, Length, Swing Weight, Gross Weight, Grip Style and Grip Size.

Schedule an iron fitting session at a Certified Nakashima Golf Studio near you and see the unbelievable difference it makes to play a perfectly matched set of Nakashima Irons custom fit to your swing.