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The Ultimate Iron Set, 100% Custom Made for YOU!

john nakashima

Nakashima TOUR FORGED NP2+, NP3.5+, NP5+ Irons
Nakashima Irons are designed to give every golfer the ultimate in performance, feel and beauty. Using only the highest grade of raw materials, all Nakashima irons are made from the finest Carbon Steel and are Tour Forged. The result is a tour-quality line of irons that combine traditional styling with the most innovative performance technology available in the market today.

Nakashima Iron Fitting
At Nakashima Golf we carefully examine every possible variable when custom making the best performing, best feeling, Ultimate Iron Set, for YOU!

In regards to Irons, here are the variables...

Head Design
Head Material
Head Loft & Lie
Head Color

Shaft Frequency
Shaft Torque
Shaft Weight
Shaft Color

Club Length
Club Gross Weight
Club Swing Weight

Grip Style
Grip Size
Grip Weight
Grip Color

Question: How many of these variables were considered when you bought your current set of Irons?

The most important thing to consider when buying a set of irons, is to get an iron that gives you the greatest chance to consistently hit the sweet-spot. It is a common misconception that buying a smaller iron head, like something a pro would use, will make you a better golfer. The fact of the matter is, what makes a golfer better is to miss the sweet-spot less. It is our recommendation that golfers of all ability levels have a goal of hitting the sweet-spot at least 80% of the time in a round of golf. Your Certified Nakashima Golf Studio Fitter will work with you to determine which model Nakashima Tour Forged Iron is best for you.

SST PURE is a patented process that analyzes a golf shaft to find its most stable orientation, and then installed. This improves center of club face impact repeatability for golfers of all ability levels. All Nakashima iron sets are installed with iron shafts that are SST PUREd.

*All Nakashima TOUR FORGED Irons include lifetime Loft & Lie adjustments

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!
John Nakashima, President


The Nakashima Golf Studio System...

john nakashima

The Nakashima Golf Studio System started in 2004 and continues to operate with only one goal, Custom-fit every golfer with tour-quality equipment, better than anyone in the world!

We accomplish this by providing golfers of all levels with Totally Customizable Tour-quality Equipment and combine that with Nakashima Golf Studios designed to fit you to this equipment perfectly! Nakashima Golf premium custom golf equipment can only be purchased when custom fit at a Certified Nakashima Golf Studio or Authorized Nakashima Golf Dealer.

The Nakashima Htec Tour Driver was the first ‘Adjustable Driver with Removable Head and Shaft Technology’ ever to be placed on the USGA Conforming Driver List.

This technology makes it possible for you to try an unlimited amount of head and shaft combinations until the prefect club is found and then you buy that exact club!

Every possible aspect of our clubs will be custom-fit to your exact specifications...
Head: Loft, Face Angle
Shaft: Brand, Model, Weight, Frequency, Length, SST PURE
Weight: Swingweight, Gross Welight
Grip: Brand, Model, Size, Color
Internal Head Weighting: Neutral, Draw or Fade Bias
We can even adjust the Sound! 

You’re 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!
John Nakashima, President


95% of golfers hit their driver 15+ yards shorter than what they could be...

john nakashima

When tested at Nakashima Golf Driver Fitting Sessions, over 95% of golfers hit their own driver 15 or more yards shorter than what could be possible for their club head speed. 

Why?! There are 2 main reasons for this huge inefficiency in nearly all golfers...

  1. Nearly all golfers Drivers do not fit them properly
  2. We have never met a golfer who knew what is necessary to achieve maximum distance efficiency or how to do it

At Nakashima Golf Studios your Driver will be fit absolutely perfectly. We have an 90-Day unlimited re-fitting on any Driver, Fairway or Utility purchase to guarantee your total satisfaction.

Their are 3 factors for a golfer to hit a ball with maximum efficiency (as it relates to distance) Ball Speed, Launch Angle and Ball Spin. At Nakashima Golf Studios we have an entire system built to educate you and get you to your perfect numbers, quickly and easily!

Nearly all golfers increase their driving distance by 15+ yards when perfectly fit with a new Nakashima Golf Driver!

A Nakashima Golf 90-minute Driver Fitting Session is only $150 and comes with a +15 yards guarantee!
Note: Fitting Session Fee is in addition to the cost of a Nakashima Driver

To book an appointment or for more information please call ...
Nakashima Golf Studio Stockton 209-464-1655
Nakashima Golf Studio Palm Desert 209-623-5852

"+15 yards and you will love the session!  I guarantee it or you pay nothing!” 
John Nakashima, President