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The Nakashima Golf Studio System...

john nakashima

The Nakashima Golf Studio System started in 2004 and continues to operate with only one goal, Custom-fit every golfer with tour-quality equipment, better than anyone in the world!

We accomplish this by providing golfers of all levels with Totally Customizable Tour-quality Equipment and combine that with Nakashima Golf Studios designed to fit you to this equipment perfectly! Nakashima Golf premium custom golf equipment can only be purchased when custom fit at a Certified Nakashima Golf Studio or Authorized Nakashima Golf Dealer.

The Nakashima Htec Tour Driver was the first ‘Adjustable Driver with Removable Head and Shaft Technology’ ever to be placed on the USGA Conforming Driver List.

This technology makes it possible for you to try an unlimited amount of head and shaft combinations until the prefect club is found and then you buy that exact club!

Every possible aspect of our clubs will be custom-fit to your exact specifications...
Head: Loft, Face Angle
Shaft: Brand, Model, Weight, Frequency, Length, SST PURE
Weight: Swingweight, Gross Welight
Grip: Brand, Model, Size, Color
Internal Head Weighting: Neutral, Draw or Fade Bias
We can even adjust the Sound! 

You’re 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!
John Nakashima, President